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Bertelsmann will donate € 10,000 to SOS Children’s Villages International if all participants together cover more than 1.4 million kilometers!

SOS Children’s Villages International provide children and teens with a loving home and individual education, and prepare them for an independent life. Around the world, SOS Children’s Villages serve approximately 2.5 million children and young adults and family members in 138 countries. In some 2,880 SOS programs such as kindergartens, schools, and vocational training centers, as well as in job trainings and upskilling courses, hundreds of thousands of young people receive individual educational opportunities so that they can develop themselves and later act as a positive influence in their communities. The following projects offer an insight into the work and are representative of many initiatives of SOS Children’s Villages International.

Bertelsmann & SOS Children’s Villages: Giving hope to children around the world
Ukraine: Help for children and families
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For two years, there has been war in Ukraine, with grave consequences for the lives of people there. The extent of destruction and the humanitarian situation in the country are catastrophic. Millions have fled within the country or to other countries. Children are particularly affected. The SOS Children's Villages are providing assistance in Ukraine and in European host countries.

SOS Children's Villages employees are on hand to help children and families in Ukraine and neighboring countries. Immediately after the outbreak of war, SOS Children's Villages started humanitarian aid: transport to safe areas, accommodation in rented shelters or in SOS Children's Villages facilities in neighboring countries, food, hygiene articles and blankets, medical aid and psychosocial support after stress and traumatic experiences. Aid measures must be constantly adjusted to the changing situation. In addition to immediate emergency aid, affected families receive long-term support and assistance in coping with traumatic experiences.

More information on humanitarian aid in Ukraine >>

Djibouti: New career prospects for young people.

In Djibouti, over 60 percent of the population is under 25 years old - yet many young people have no employment or prospects. Widespread poverty, in turn, is a breeding ground for crime. To break this vicious cycle, the E-Learning Center was established.

Around 200 children and young people benefit from the wide range of educational offerings at the E-Learning Center in Djibouti. The facility includes three classrooms with modern computer workstations and internet access. This educational project is an investment in the future of the local youth.

More information about the E-Learning Center in Djibouti>>

Pictures & text: © SOS Children's Villages / Photographer Anton Sahler

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