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Combine everyday life with physical activity? Promote health, win attractive prizes with a bit of luck and do something good together? "Fit for Work" makes all this possible!

This year marks the 14th edition of our joint Bertelsmann Sport & Gesundheit and Bertelsmann BKK campaign.From May 1 to July 31, 2024, all Bertelsmann employees worldwide are invited to get active and make their daily lives fit!

All active kilometers count whether covered by bike, on foot or in an otherwise active way Activities on all days count whether on work days, weekends, holidays, or days off Select a company and be active together with your colleagues at the location. Company ranking for more motivation Team function for colleagues in a given company (up to 6 active persons per team) Team challenge within the company for more community spirit

Participation is well worth it — boost your health and win attractive prizes! Save CO2 in a climate-friendly way and support a good cause, together!

  • An active lifestyle always has a positive impact on your health and overall performance
    • Strengthen your immune system through cardiovascular training
    • Reduce stress and increase your well-being
  • Leave the car behind and use the bike or walk instead - for your health and the environment
    • Active instead of motorized transportation not only has direct health effects, but also indirect effects through positive impacts on the climate and environment
    • Because healthy people only exist on a healthy planet
  • Fundraising campaign for SOS Children’s Villages International
    • With more than 1.4 million kilometers achieved together, Bertelsmann donates €10,000! Be active together with your colleagues and support a good cause
  • Win great prizes
    • Be active for at least 20 days or 200 kilometers during the campaign period and automatically take part in our prize draw

Fundraising campaign for SOS Children’s Villages International

0 % (0 / 1.400.000 km) More information about the fundraising campaign

Be active for at least 20 days or cover at least 200 kilometers during the campaign period to automatically be entered in our prize drawing. Register for free or log in .

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Individual starter or team player?

Company rankings motivate you to be more active – select your company and be active together with your colleagues. In addition, you can form a team of up to six colleagues within your own company - more fun and community!

Alternatively, you can participate without affiliating yourself to a company. As an individual starter, you only need to select your country.

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As a health insurance fund for current and former employees, we are part of the Bertelsmann family. And we want one thing above all for our family: that they be healthy and stay healthy.


Bertelsmann Sport und Gesundheit is an integral part of Bertelsmann’s health management. We bring our expertise in the field to advising the divisions on the action area of exercise, and on implementing company sports programs.

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